Sunday, 7 November 2010

blue cheese pear tart

up for a new experimental taste?
the fourme d'ambert (blue cheese) pear tart is a great start!

believe me, it's a super tasty dish. suitable for parties - 
great recipe to impress your friends!

ingredients (serves 4-7)

- pastry sufficient for one tart (buy rolls or make it yourself - recipe to follow!)
- 2 pears
- 200g of fourme d'ambert cheese


1. preheat oven to 180C
2. peel and cut the pears into 1cm thick strips - any shape will do!
3. cut the forum d'ambert cheese into small blocks (1cm cubes)
4. place the pastry into a pie mould, and poke the surface with a fork. release your stress here!
5. place the pears and cheese into the mould - random or placed strategically, whatever you fancy!
6. bake for 30 minutes or so - until surface is golden brown and the cheese has been absorbed by the pears

goes really well with red wine and also white!
enjoy the sweet and savory taste!!


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