Sunday, 7 November 2010

pesto sauce for pasta

i know many people buy pesto sauce ...
we think we should make our own!
you never want to buy a pesto sauce once you've tried this!

ingredients (serves 3-4)

- a big bunch of fresh basil (no dried basil please!)
- 3 garlic cloves
- 30-50g of cup parmesan cheese
- 30g of pine nuts
- 5 tbspns of olive oil
- salt


1. roast the pine nuts until they are golden brown
2. cut the garlic, cheese into smaller bits
3. mix all ingredients into a food processor (or even a juice blender!)
4. done! easy right?
5. well you do need to boil your pasta and mix the sauce with it (no need to cook the sauce at all)

you can preserve this sauce in a jar too (make sure to disinfect the container). no more pesto sauce purchases from the supermarket. you will know what i mean when you have this handmade pesto!!



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  1. Welcome to the world of food blogging! ^_^ Fun desho? Who is the photographer?


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